We believe sport can be used as a powerful force for good and we certainly challenge the status quo in what we do.  

Indoor bouldering as an activity in itself has tremendous health benefits - it sits extremely high on the scale of physical and mental engagement and rivaled by very few in this space.  Yes this is a bold statement and the sure way to challenge this is to experience it.  It attracts the curious minds and organically generates a positive culture. 

The overall industry is broadly based on a combination of recreational 'play' and elite individual competition.  For us, this felt far from optimal or sustainable so in 2017 we started out to establish a whole new way of doing things with a primary focus on player inclusion.

The sporting framework we use is built for inclusion.  It's all team-based centered around clubs. 

There's nothing new in this recipe - it's used in many other sports around the globe.  It's just that no-one has applied it to the rock climbing industry until now. 

An activity with immense health benefits coupled with a genuine supportive environment must have a net positive effect.  That's what drives us.

Chris Eather, 07 May 2024

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