With growth comes change and you'll notice some obvious changes around here.

We've spent nearly seven years developing the sport of the Ten4 Boulder League which we now refer to simply as the T4.  It's a unique team-based sport with two distinct formats and it's now firmly established in our region.  We use the brand T4 in order to differentiate between what we do and every other recreational or competition format in the broader rock climbing industry. 

The T4 was born in Tamworth and this is it's origin.  The T4 is not a gym - it's a sport and we need to make this clearer as we now look to grow the T4 outside this region.

For example:  Tamworth Hockey has a number of clubs in Tamworth.  All players are members of one of the clubs and play across a range of age and grade based competitions.  All games are also played at the same location. 

Tamworth Bouldering is similar. There are three clubs that run out of the one physical location known now as the Tamworth Boulder Gym.  Each of these three clubs have many players across many teams that all engage in the sport   The sport formats are defined by T4.  The clubs also offer recreational bouldering for adult members outside sport times.  There are no 'gym' members.  Everyone is a club member and are members of that community (around 200 in each club in 2023).

T4 has two distinctly different formats and they're inherently linked and bridge the grassroots to the higher level. 

The everyday format is known as the T4S (Social) and is used for all divisions from Primary, High School and Opens.  It uses a unique handicap system and it's all about inclusion. The vast majority of players engage here. 

The T4C (Championship) is the higher level format which showcases teams and athletes at the higher level. It's the 'viewing product' and it starts with the A Grade here in Tamworth.  

Tamworth Bouldering is in a healthy place.  It's a unique situation and simply is what it is.  So you'll start to see website changes, emails and marketing to reflect this.  

22 Jan 2024

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