The central north will have an A Grade competition in 2024.  There's nothing like this anywhere in the world and here it is in Tamworth!

The format is known as the T4C (Championship).  T4 has developed and used this format in the the end-of-season club championship finals and will now be used for the A Grade competition.  All regular T4S (Social) competitions will remain (including the high school club championship finals) so the A grade will be in addition and it's the showpiece of the T4. 

In the A grade, each club will field their best team of five players each round and play against each other over a twelve round competition with a finals series on the end.  Games run for only an hour so it's a fast and effective format and magic to watch. The format is nothing like you've ever seen before and involves significant team strategy.

All games are played on the comp walls on Monday evenings.  We encourage club members from all ages to come on over and support your teams as -they're representing you.  The general public is also very welcome to come over to the Tamworth Boulder Gym and watch (no cover charge applies). 

Each club now sets out to build it's player base and generate a competitive squad.  T4 will provide support for players and coaches to help lay the foundations before the launch on Mar 4.  Schedule as below:

 1 4 Mar Donkeys v Badgers
 2 11 Mar Hornets v Donkeys
 3 18 Mar Badgers v Hornets
 4 25 Mar Badgers v Donkeys
 5 6 May  Donkeys v Hornets
 6 13 May  Hornets v Badgers
 7 20 May Badgers v Donkeys
 8 27 May  Hornets v Donkeys
 9 3 Jun Badgers v Hornets
 10 17 Jun Donkeys v Badgers
 11 22 Jul Hornets v Donkeys
 12 29 Jul Badgers v Hornets
  5 Aug Semi final
  16 Aug

 Grand Final

3 Feb 2024

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