The growth of the youth in our sport never ceases to amaze and it's evident across all divisions. 

With students from every local high school making up nearly fifty teams in the high school division alone this season, the participation rate is consistent and growing as the player pool keeps swelling.  And with consistent participation comes increased personal growth.

High school youth are now scattered throughout the top performers from all clubs and the average grade also continues to increase.  There are young weapons everywhere!  Last season's T4L 23 finals showed just how far things have come and it's so pleasing to see.  

The Primary 5/6 League is no exception with a similar pattern happening.  There's nothing quite like youth enthusiasm and the Primary sessions are a fine example of just that.  The learning is fast and the grow is there for all to see. 

The youth are the future and sport needs a solid youth development pathway for long term sustainability.  If what we're seeing is anything to go by, the future is bright. Very bright. 

(pictured is Jack Gleeson-Barker in the T4L 23 final)

31 Jul 2023

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