6 Good Reasons to play our sport...

There are plenty of reasons why playing our sport is a mighty fine idea.  Here are some of the main ones...

1. Physical Strength - Some activities simply make you strong and very few can rival the strength gains of Bouldering. It also has an extremely high level of cognitive engagement so the health outcomes are obvious.

2. Confidence - Is built on compounding the incremental small gains one by one in solving the problems - the very nature of this activity.  Dancing in and out of your comfort zone tends to have tremendous positive effects. 

3. Motivation - Team-based sport is effective because of the accountability to one another developing the habit of showing up.  Tracking your personal growth can be highly motivating and it's easy to forget how far you've actually come.  

4. Time Effective - One hour per week.  That's it.  Boulder recreationally other times (adults) or train if you like but this sport demands no other fixed time. 

5. Community- An ego-humbling activity coupled with a broad range of like-mined individuals creates a supportive and diverse community across a wide range of ages. By its nature, this community is globally connected as participation world wide is huge.

6. Aligned to modern lifestyles - Global megatrend studies formally indicate where sport is and where it's trending.  The T4L is absolutely aligned to these trends and matches today's lifestyle demands.  

There are more benefits - these are just some of the front runners.  Not all sport is equal when it comes to the benefits delivered. 


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