In terms of bang for buck, T4 Bouldering delivers way more than meets the eye and has a massive bang for buck.

These are the essentials if you're categorised as youth looking to play: climbing shoes and some chalk (both provided), team shirt ($30)

There are no other out-of-pockets - No mouth guards, jumpers, shorts, socks, head gear, helmets, travel costs, bats, racquets, balls, pads, protective equipment, etc.

Seasonal registration works out at less than $20 / wk. So when comparing sports perhaps we need to look at the big picture and include the combined cost factors of that sport.  As players advance in skills then they're expected to have their own shoes but that's it.

Perhaps a better question could be asked around the value.  What does your sport really give you?  How effective is your time-on-task? 

T4 Bouldering is built around inclusion and designed to build strength and confidence.  Simple as that.  And it's seriously effective with data to back up these claims.

So in terms of delivering value, T4 Bouldering is extremely effective no questions about that.  

08 May 2024

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