The summer sport season starts  on 5 Feb.  Week 2 of school is Round 1 for all our social leagues. 

The Tamworth Boulder Gym has undergone a full 'reset'.  New season - ALL NEW boulders and the whole 3D space is different. 

Each of the three local clubs had around two hundred active playing members in 2023 and the pattern of growth looks to continue in 2024.  The Primary division has expanded to now include year 4.  The High School division has students from every local school and the player base continues to swell. The summer season for all social leagues (Primary, High School and Opens) starts on Mon 5 Feb. 

Preparations are well under way for the highly anticipated A Grade competition which commences on March 1. 

Start gathering your team as it'll be here soon enough.  Registrations are open. Bring it on.

2 Mar 2024

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